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Scientists Matthias Eder, Michael Eisenhut, Uwe Haberkorn and Klaus Kopka have jointly developed a method that facilitates more reliable diagnosis as well as more specific treatment of prostate cancer. Latest News Sugar metabolism controls intestinal regeneration Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center and Heidelberg University have discovered a surprising connection between sugar metabolism and the adaptation of intestinal tissue to the nutritional state.

Latest News A healthy lifestyle escorts boy the risk of colon cancer - regardless of the genetic risk profile The risk of developing bowel cancer depends, among other things, on lifestyle.

Scientists from the German Cancer London asian escort earls court Center were able to show that everyone can reduce escort z personal risk of colon cancer by combining as many of five healthy lifestyles as possible: london asian escort earls court, low alcohol consumption, a healthy diet, sufficient physical activity and normal escort-service in groningen weight.

This applies regardless of the genetic risk of bowel cancer. Even those who have a slightly increased risk due to genetic factors can reduce their risk by following a healthy lifestyle.

Here, the teams combined escorts elyria oh state-of-the-art molecular analysis methods in a project supported by the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK).

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