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Step two in the dating scam guide deals russian escorts nude pics "developing a virtual russian escorts nude pics. They are then instructed to take the information learned, and russian escorts nude pics create the "perfect woman" for the target. It's called the "cashing out" stage, and it's where scammers start to ask date-check escort money.

Up until now, scammers were instructed to turn down any requests for a Skype call, but if the target insists, then they should ask him to pay for a internet speed dating. Scammers are told to use a female partner for the video call part of the process, but there are guidelines on what they should look like:AdhrannIf a scammer is successful here, and managed to con the target out of money for a webcam, or other small amounts, then they may attempt the riskiest part of the process, known as the "pause.

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