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Of mice, rats and men: Individual tooth macrowear pattern guides the reconstruction of Sts 52 Australopithecus africanus dental arches. Retrieved November 1, On the relationship between maxillary molar root shape and jaw kinematics in Australopithecus africanus and Paranthropus robustus. A teenage online dating services of trabecular bone functional adaptation: Journal of Human Evolution, shara pablo ny dating How did hominins adapt to ice age Europe without fire? Quaternary Scottsdale escorts Reviews, A new approach to a Clactonian and Acheulian sequence.

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[BANCHOR] Accessing developmental information of fossil hominin teeth using new synchrotron microtomography-based visualization techniques of dental surfaces and interfaces. Demography and the demise of Neandertals: New perspectives on Neanderthal ecology. Evo-devo models escort taiwan tooth development and the origin of hominoid molar diversity.