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Our analysis of longitudinal data from the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study showed that the number of adolescent dating swingers and apg sexual partners does not uniformly influence indicators of young adult well-being, which is at odds with a risk framework. The number of dating partners with whom the individual was sexually active, and not the number of "casual" sex partners, increased the odds of intimate partner violence during young adulthood.

Relationship churning swingers and apg sexual nonexclusivity during adolescence were associated with lower real amature swingers quality during young adulthood.

Sexual nonexclusivity during adolescence influenced self-reports of depressive symptoms and lower self-esteem among young adults. Future research should develop more nuanced conceptualizations of adolescent dating and sexual relationships gay tops dating integrate adolescent dating and sexual experiences into research on early adult well-being.

National Center for Swingers and apg Information, U.

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